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You are DIFFERENT THAN THE others - no one can be you.

YOUR voice IS UNIQUE & SPECIAL… and critical.


 ... And the time is NOW!


Hi, I'm Raechel!
Welcome to my Hacienda!!


Sit with me, poolside, for a few.  

Here's the thing...

I believe we each have a unique Divine purpose that we’re meant to fulfill.  

We’re all put on this planet for a reason.

No one was created by accident.  No one was created as a back-up or replacement.  There are no extra humans.

Yes, that includes you.

I also believe that it’s when we’re fulfilling our purpose, that we’re able to receive the Divine blessings that allow us to care for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world around us.

It’s those blessings that give us strength and allow us to heal and cope, and, even more so, let our unique light shine.


It’s time for Your Unique light to shine!


It’s time...  

Here’s the thing, you’ve been given a light… a gift… a voice.

You’ve been equipped to have an impact, in some way.

Maybe that’s in your family. Maybe it’s in your neighborhood or community. Maybe it’s on a national or global level.

Maybe it’s in your church, or your school. Maybe it’s on a political level. Maybe it’s in your business.

I don’t know. But I do know that you’ve been given a Divine Purpose. Everyone has been.

At any given moment, you have the choice to step into that Divine purpose.  

And, even more so, you have the opportunity to do so.

It doesn’t matter how much of your life has passed.  

There’s no expiration date on God’s purpose for your life.

"But Raechel, you just don’t get it.  I don’t know if now is the right time for me to live my Divine purpose now because <insert life challenge(s) here>.”

I get that.  

I know what it’s like to be tired… to be burnt out… to be sick… to be financially challenged… to not know what you need to know… to not have the resources to figure out what you need to know... to be in pain… to be grieving… to feel alone… to be exhausted and beat up by life… to feel powerless… to feel too old to do something… to feel hopeless.  

Let me tell you something...


You are stronger than those challenges!


Yes, yes, yes.  You are absolutely stronger than any of those things that life has rolled your way.

Listen, I've been doing this a long time and, even longer than I've been doing this, I've been loving and serving people.  And, over that time, I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard all the reasons why people can’t or shouldn’t be living their unique purpose.

And, here’s my response:

You can’t afford to NOT uncover, own, and live your Divine purpose, because it’s not until you’re living by God's design for your life that you’ll be able to experience the blessings available to you.  

The pieces of your life will not come together... you’ll not experience true harmony and peace, until you’ve begun doing what you’re meant to do, and being what you're meant to be.

AND, the world needs you.

We need your gift, your voice, your message… we need you!

And that’s why I do what I do… that’s my Divine purpose.


How my Divine Purpose meets yours


The work I do...  

… no matter how I experience people it’s all about learning and celebrating the uniqueness of each of them.

I love knowing people’s quirks.

I love learning about their life adventures and experiences.

I love hearing about what makes people tick… what lights them up… what drives them.

I love feeling the energy of the people I’m around.

People are fascinating.

Combine that passion with my own Divine gift as an empath, which allows me the opportunity to “know” people at a deep, intuitive level, and I’m perfectly set up to be a Uniqueness Expert.

As a Uniqueness Expert, I use my gifts to help others…

  • Celebrate their own unique gifts

  • Understand how they are different than the others doing similar work

  • Discover how they’re to be sharing their purpose

  • Find the people who are meant to hear their message, right now

  • Design a gorgeous, powerful, and authentic brand identity

  • Strategize how to most effectively ensure their voice is heard

  • Thrive in life… love their life and those around them, while doing all of that!

Ways we can amplify your voice together…

Regardless of how I work with my clients, my approach is the same.

We will always, first, look at your unique gifts and do exploration of your Divine Purpose.

And then, no matter what we do together, those will be our guiding forces!

  • If you’d like breathe life into your business by creating or refreshing your brand, it is definitely time to check out my Invigorate Brand Identity Design Program!

    You’ll find an opportunity to purchase a program on that page if it’s a right-fit for you, or you’ll have a chance to connect with me to create something unique if Invigorate doesn’t exactly fit your current situation.

  • If you believe it’s ‘Greatness Go-Time’ for you - meaning you’d like to explore working with me to magnify your voice, increase your presence in the world, design your new brand identity, create or refine key elements of your business, and/or prepare yourself to stand on that sparkling, shimmering platform that you’re meant to stand on, then I invite you to explore the Work with Raechel area of my website.


Don't Leave Yet!


Enjoy the lounge chair for a few more mins!  

I’m so glad you landed on my page today, and I hope that we can remain connected!

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 If there’s one thing I’d love for you to take away from your visit to my Hacienda today, it’s this…

there is only one of you, in all of time.

the world needs you.

and, we need you now.