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If you’re ready to dive into a custom-created program that takes your gifts, greatness, & uniqueness, and then crafts the perfect brand design for your business, you’ve landed in the right place!

Ready to learn about Invigorate?!

Let the Uniqueness Fiesta begin!!


Any of these resonate with you?

  • You cringe when you give out your website or business card.

  • You've pivoted your business and your brand hasn't quite caught up yet.

  • You want to start clearly differentiating yourself from others out there by being clear about what makes you unique.

  • You want to be SO excited about the look and feel of your business, that you literally CANNOT wait to get out there.

  • You’d love to have an ease in talking about what you do and who you work with.

  • You’re ready to start putting out content and would love to have a presence that you can feel excited to share it on.

  • You would love to be so thrilled about your site that you wish you could see people's faces when they click on your site's link.

  • You want to appeal to and draw in the people you are dying to work with.

  • You would love to feel confident your brand is focused on your purpose for being in business.


 I can help!

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Invigorate may be perfect for you!

If you've read my About Raechel page, you've learned all about my multi-passionate life and background in Marketing (and some branding experience on Starbucks & Disney).

As I've fulfilled my own Divine Purpose as a coach, I've continually encountered brilliant people held back from effectively and powerfully fulfilling their own Divine Purpose because of their…

  • lack of confidence in their brand identity

  • difficulty truly appreciating what’s awesome about themselves

  • failure to identify what makes them unique as they look at others

Invigorate is a Brand Identity Design process. In the process, I create…

a Brand Concept (a brand message), a Brand Theme (a visual approach for that message), and a unique, authentic Brand Identity

… for you that honors who you are (since you ARE your brand) and that speaks authentically, powerfully, and directly to the people you're meant to be working with, right now.




Want to know why a Brand Identity is critical to your business? You’ll want to check out the post below. It discusses ten very important ways a Brand Identity can support you - including two of my favorites: Saving Money and Filtering Bad Leads!

Ten Reasons to Have a Brand Identity


How about an example?


The gorgeous, signature Brand Book is the ultimate deliverable of what we do together during the Invigorate program.  Let's look at a few examples!  

Here's one of the Brand Books that I did a few months ago for one of my favorite people in the world, Jen Andersen. 

And, here's Jen's site: Jen Andersen Development

You can see how Jen leveraged her Brand Book to create her site, from the concept & theme, to the mood board, to the colors, to the textures, patterns, and fonts. 

Here's another example of how Jen and I translated our partnered Brand Book into our other brand and business, the ever-hilarious Dynamo Developers.

Here's our Dynamo site: The Dynamo Developers

And, again, you can see how the Brand Book helped us make decisions about our offerings, our freebie, our download format, our web design, our program titles - everything!


 How Invigorate

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The Invigorate Program process

  1. You complete a series of exercises (that are actually pretty cool, clarifying, and transformative - at least my prior clients think so). Once done, you send those to me and we’ll schedule a session together.

  2. I review those exercises, put together a Brand Profile, and we discuss all that in an awesome power-packed, fun session together.

  3. I put together a Brand Concept & some proposed Brand Themes and send to you.

  4. You begin the exciting Pinterest phase! You'll create mood boards for 3 of the Brand Themes.

  5. Once you've got 3 boards relatively complete, you'll share them with me in Pinterest and we'll collaborate together to refine, select one, and finalize your main board.

  6. Then, I begin my magic! While I create the brand book, we'll be exchanging emails, reviewing different elements of the brand design such as inspiration images, color palette, fonts, etc. You'll have opportunities to review the brand book and share feedback.

  7. As the brand book nears completion, we bring in my graphic designer who will collaborate with you and me to create a typography-based logo for your brand (that's font- or text-based for non-design peeps).

We’ll be in touch the entire time through email and Voxer, so you ALWAYS feel supported!

What you get


Your Customized End Result of Invigorate…

At the end of our work together, here's what you'll have...

  • A Brand Identity Assets Dropbox folder which includes

    • your 5-page Brand Book in both png & pdf form

    • your Font Files

    • some Brand Images

    • your Logo Files

  • Deeper understanding of your Brand's Purpose, People, and Products from the Brand Profile I create

    • who you serve, how you serve them, and what your offerings are

  • Clarity about what sets you apart from the others in your field, and a greater appreciation for your gifts  

What is a Brand Book?


For those asking, "What the heck is a Brand Book, what's in it, and how am I ever going to use it?!?!" 

Brand Books are referred to as different things in the branding world - Style Guides, Blend Boards, Brand Identity Guides, etc.  They're all similar and mean approximately the same thing.  

It's simply a playbook or script for people who are working on the back-end of your business. 

What will you do with your Brand Book?

You'll pass your Brand Book on to any creatives or business support people that you work with so everyone is operating from the same set of notes, using the same language.

Here are some examples of who that might be...

  • Web designer or developer

    • Might even eliminate the need for a web designer, or it might cut down on the cost of your website work

  • Graphic designer

    • Social media templates, marketing creations, business card design, power points, cover letters, catalogs, freebie/download designs, email templates, etc.

  • Lifestyle or other Professional photographer

  • Stylist - Clothing, Make-Up, Hair

  • Coach, Strategist, Mentor, Mastermind, Accountability Partner

Let’s look at some Invigorate results

Working with Raechel has been a dream come true! I’ve always loved her spunk, her sass, and her ability to just hold space with such curiosity, compassion, and spot on intuition. I knew as soon as the opportunity arose to work with her that I had to take it! The exercises she offered right off the bat pushed me to see myself in a whole new light. I had to really dig deep at times and listen to my intuition, especially when I felt myself wanting to have the “right” answers.

Throughout the process Raechel just got me. She got me/my brand in ways that I didn’t even get me/my brand. Everything she sent was spot on and spoke right to my soul! She offered to work through anything that came up and was readily available any time I had a question or concern. You can tell she truly cares about her clients and their happiness! I am absolutely in love with the final product! I feel a new energy and excitement surrounding my business and am looking forward to the future of my business more than ever! I would work with Raechel again in a heartbeat. She’s worth every penny!
Raechel made the branding process feel effortless, light, and accessible, which is quite different than some other branding strategies I’ve been introduced to in the past. Not only that, but Raechel is incredibly responsive, transparent, and supportive. I truly feel I can tell her anything, which was so important in this process because that’s what made it possible for my personality to be woven throughout the new brand.

The most valuable part of this process, for me, was the exercises, which included hearing from my clients. That part was eye-opening and validating; it confirmed I was on the right track and clarified, even further, where I ought to focus my efforts. Leaving with a vibrant, cohesive brand is simply icing on the cake!
Working with Raechel to develop my personal brand identity has been one of the most beneficial things I have done for not only my business, but for me, personally. The process provided me with the direction and clarity I needed to take my business to the next level. I have a renewed sense of confidence in the direction I want to grow myself and my business.

Raechel is fantastic to work with. She uses her great insight, intelligence, and creativity to guide the process. I highly recommend her to help you develop a clear sense of identity and brand. Plus, she’s just a lot of fun!
When I thought of having to create my own brand it totally stressed me out. It’s the old saying it’s hard to see the forest for the trees, but once I knew Raechel was going to walk me through the process, I knew I would be in excellent hands!

What Raechel uncovered for me, my brand, and ultimately my company, was a rich deep inside look into how it is I show up in the world as a coach, a CEO, and a woman who wants to make a difference in people’s lives. The exercises she has you complete are an important and necessary step because your answers allow her to tap into her intuition and create the brand portfolio which resonates with you. It’s pure magic!

Working with Raechel was one of the best investments that I have made to date for my business and my brand. She really got me and was able to excavate things about me I had no idea were under the surface. She really is in her zone of genius and if you want a brand you are excited about and really in love with, then do yourself a favor, work with Raechel! She truly cares about you and your business and it shines through with every conversation, every exercise, every step she takes with you. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
As a result of this process, I feel truly and authentically connected to my brand and am confident it is headed in the same direction as my business – which is towards greater success! With this brand, I feel excited and poised to do powerful things. It’s clear and strong, just as my business is, and the exercises, combined with the final look and feel, validated that.

Overall, I was quite surprised by the simplicity of this process. Sometimes when we enter into a big process, we’re expecting a lot of work; that was not the case here. In the end, Raechel’s process was simple, dynamic, and powerful!!
Raechel was wonderful during this entire branding process. She has a great understanding, regardless of the business type, of what you need to focus on and offers gentle intuitive guidance and direction. I was so impressed by how in tune she was and how she was able to capture my aesthetic and direction with her process. I have even more passion and more ambition to work on growing and reintroducing my business.

My new brand takes me to the next level! It truly captures who I am as an individual and a designer – strong, understated, and sophisticated. Raechel helped me realize I sold myself short prior to this process. Because of this, I’m more passionate than ever about my business!

Is Invigorate for you?


Update to the Invigorate Program!

I am excited to announce that the Invigorate Program has gone PRIVATE effective November 30, 2018!

Meaning that the Invigorate Process is still available, but only through private arrangements - WHICH IS AWESOME!

That means that we get to create a unique and specially designed branding journey through Invigorate just for you and your business.

To explore what this looks like, reach out to me at

I’m soooo excited to offer the process this way - it allows me to serve so many more entrepreneurs, than I was able to serve than through the standardized program.

Let’s get you INVIGORATED!

Raechel GETS YOU, and she gets the connection between you and your ideal client. Quickly. Intuitively. Brilliantly. And the fact that she is funny as hell makes the process of digging into your brand a fun adventure... because trying it on my own was far from fun! If you are like me, considering the look and feel of your brand - showcasing who you are while at the same time appealing to your ideal client - is overwhelming. Raechel’s process brings clarity and simplification.

She provides more than just the right colors, fonts, and images... she gifts you with confidence - confidence to put yourself out there knowing that those you are meant to work with are drawn not just to your words and accolades, but how it will feel to work with you.

— Jen Andersen, Jen Andersen Development
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