Hey there!  

So, as you've probably figured out, I’m incredibly passionate about seeing people TOTALLY JAZZED about who they are and what they’re meant to do.

I incorporate that into everything I do as a coach, confidante, strategist, branding expert, speaker, trainer, writer, friend, and human being.  

Read on if you'd like even more Raechel info!


A Stroll through Raechel's World


A few things about me…

I believe God doesn’t make extra humans, and that we’re all here to fulfill a unique Divine purpose.  

I believe people shouldn’t apologize for who they are, and that inner peace comes only when we live authentically and boldly as God created us.  

I believe the perfect temperature is 70 degrees, and air conditioning is what I’d bring to a deserted island, if I was only allowed one thing.

I believe that cussing & praying are not mutually exclusive. (Thank you, Brene.)

I believe in always using the Oxford comma, and that adverbs are woefully misused in today’s discourse.  

I love baseball, shoes, heist films, tacos, and Cherry Coke from Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

I know my Divine purpose is helping others celebrate their gifts and greatness, so that they’re absolutely impassioned to go out there and life their Divine purpose.


Behind the Scenes


My Background, Experience, & Skills

A lot of people want to know my background, so I’m going to share it with you as I truly feel about it - which is kinda irreverently.  

As you'll be able to tell, I don’t take myself too seriously - though, since a lot of people want it, I’ll throw in a nice, official bio, at the end of this.


I’ve done a lot of learning and training over time…

I have a bunch of certifications and licenses, which means that I’ve attended a lot of classes, been a part of a lot of trainings, and did a great job filling out paperwork, tests, and logs.  Oh, also that I’ve got some mad skillz, yo!

I have an MBA with a double focus in Marketing & Project Planning, though all that really means is that I’m good at school, I understand the ancient philosophy of how businesses ought to communicate with their customers, I can rock the hell out of an Excel spreadsheet, and I’m a glutton for punishment.  (Seriously, though, I love school… it’s ok, you can make a gagging noise.)

I’m a couple semesters shy of a law degree, but I’m a better lawyer than most lawyers and I totally geek out reading case law - especially constitutional. I don’t think I’ll ever finish law school because I love pulling this little fact out whenever I'm accused of being a perfectionist.

My other educational background is in philosophy, history, and political science.  Meaning, I understand how idiots think & why they do the things they do; I have studied the evidence and impact of idiocy over the ages; and I understand how idiots communicate and their recipes for success.  I also understand that an idiot is simply someone who does seemingly foolish or senseless things - which really says a lot more about me, than it does about them.

I've got some "Real World" experience... 

I began my entrepreneurial career working as a consultant with small and medium-sized businesses who were just starting up or experiencing a crisis.

I've worked with some pretty prominent international leaders, specifically focusing on project planning and conflict & crisis management.

I've built three separate coaching & consulting businesses for myself, and helped dozens of clients do the same.

I've worked with over 500 clients & students and accumulated around 3,000 of coaching hours in the last decade.

I've participated in dozens of different branding initiatives, studies, and adventures for businesses of one person to Disney.

I've been a trainer and speaker for classes & audiences of hundreds people.

I was a professional wedding planner & photographer, and a professional copy editor.

(Okay, I gotta admit - that's the stuff that bores me a bit... on to the better stuff!)

… but what really makes me good at what I do are the God-given strengths that I have.  

I’m incredibly compassionate and empathetic, and I care deeply - sometimes too deeply.  

My intuition, wisdom, and discernment are razor sharp and always right… they’re probably the best tools in my toolbox.

I’m wicked smart, creative, and kind of brilliant.  (BTW, it took four of my friends to convince me to keep this in here.)

I’m bold, direct, and call things as they are.  I'm the most loving straight-shooter you'll ever meet.

Oh, and I’m hilarious and witty… I mean, the snark is off the charts.

All of that above stuff comes together to create an awesome dynamic that allows me to serve my clients well.

I have the ability to intuitively listen to what is and is not being said, in conversations.  

I understand what the issues truly are, whether they are stated or even known to the people involved.  

I can see all sides of the situation and the impact each will have on the whole.

I innately know which is the best strategy and solution, at any given moment.

I can create a dynamic, defensible, and executable plan, to address all of the issues.

And then I can keep everyone on track and accountable in a loving, fun manner.

Hanging out with me means...


Some of my favorite things to do

Binge watching TV crime dramas & comedies and assorted sitcoms with my husband, Peter (who also happens to be my best friend, biggest supporter, and a tax accountant - lawyer superstar)

Loving & playing with the pets who own me - Sirius & Grace (yellow labs) and Barrett & Delfie (house panthers)

Hosting ‘Fun at Aunt Raechel’s’ (aka pizza, games, & movies) with my amazing nieces & nephews

Visiting & touring Disney World

Watching post-season baseball - especially when the Cubs are in it!

Doing New York Times crosswords

Playing the violin

Reading anything Brene Brown

Decorating for Fall

Following (aka stalking) Kristin Bell, Beyonce, and Marie Forleo


Ok - For Real Now...


The Official Bio

And some people just want the straight-up, dressed-down deets.  Here they are...

Raechel Anderson is a coach, strategist, and branding expert who works with soulful transformation agents who want to create a life they love in which they are both fulfilling their Divine purpose and caring & providing for themselves and their loved ones.

She’s the Founder and Owner of Radiant Expressions, Inc., which houses her three 6-figure brands: The Sparkling Bride, SuperCharge Your Coaching, and Raechel Anderson Inc.  She's also one half of The Dynamic Duo with her friend & partner, Jen Andersen, in the work they do as The Witty Professors.

Raechel attended DePaul University Law School and has a Masters in Business Administration from Northern Illinois University.  Raechel’s coach training was done through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), from which she received the designations of Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, and COR.E Dynamics Performance Specialist.

She is accredited through the International Coaching Federation, as a PCC, with nearly 3,000 of coaching hours, and has served on the Executive Committee in her local ICF chapter.  She has worked as a Trainer and Program Director for iPEC, and is also a Mentor Coach.

Raechel has participated on a speaker’s circuit for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), as she draws on her own personal experiences when she speaks and relates to a variety of audiences about the impact that mental illness and substance abuse has had on her life.

Raechel lives in the Chicagoland area and is married to her best friend, Peter.  They warm their home with two yellow labs, Sirius & Gracie, and two black cats, Barrett & Delfie, as well as randomly appearing nieces & nephews who bring the shrieks, giggles, and general mayhem.