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My Client Philosophy 

I believe working with the right person is critical to the client's success and the strength of the relationship between the client and the professional.

I know the world of coaching and similar modalities is really "loud" right now, with a lot of coaches competing for clients. 

But I so don't operate that way.  I'm all about abundance!  There's a perfect coach (or similar) out there for everyone at any given time.

I believe people who are meant to work together will work together, no matter what, which is why you'll never be on the receiving end of a "sell" from me!

So, who are the people that end up in this very unique relationship with me?!


Who I Work With...

I find myself working with soulful, heart-centered people who are gifted transformation and change agents. They are inspired, open-hearted beings who help other people experience success, find their voice, enjoy freedom & joy, and live an empowered life.

However, they often find themselves wondering things like…

  • How can I articulate how I’m different from the others out there doing similar things?

  • I know I have this genius stuff, but how do I get it out there in a way that’s powerful and profitable?

  • Can I really do this thing full-time AND provide for my family and myself? Am I being responsible?

  • Is it really possible to create a life I love - one that allows me to fulfill my Divine purpose and make a difference?

  • Ok, I know I can do this, but I can’t do this alone. I need someone who can hold me accountable and keep me grounded.

  • Is now even the right time to do this, given what’s going on in my life, my family… the world?

My gift is knowing how I can offer personalized support for each of them - even when they doubt themselves!

I know they NEED to do the work that’s on their heart… I know that NOW is the time. I see their genius… their gifts… their greatness - even if they don’t.

The people who work with me know all this too, of course… but life has made that a little fuzzy for them, for one reason or another.  

They might have gone through something tough, or they might have lost focus, or they just need someone to refresh them on their greatness and their potential.

Enter Raechel.  

That’s where I come in!  I join my client’s inner circle of life, as their coach, confidante, and strategist, for six months.

During that period of time, we work together to accomplish the goals that are set by the client.

No matter what we work on, we always do these four things:

  • Six-Month Strategy Plan - During our first couple of sessions, we work together through exercises and conversations, to create the agenda (including specific benchmarks) for our six-months of work together. It’s uniquely created, based upon each clients specific circumstances, desires, goals, and dreams.

  • Gift Inventory - We have a lot of fun and spend quite a bit of time going through a variety of exercises, assessments, and other things to really explore the client’s uniqueness in the form of strengths, gifts, talents, and other elements of greatness.

  • Purpose & Passion Exploration - This is an opportunity for us to work together, through conversation, exercises, and learning, to get clarity around the client’s purpose and passion - their Why.

  • Brand Identity Design - Unless my client specifically opts not to, included in all of my work with clients is the Brand Identity Design Process, where the client gets a Brand Book with a Brand Profile, Concept, Theme, as well as colors, fonts, patterns, textures, and a logo.

We Get Sh*t Done!

I’m a firm believer in action and follow-through with a ton of fun accountability.  After all, a plan without action is simply a wish.

During our time together, my clients have direct and open access to me for the support they need or want in any area of their life.  This usually happens through Voxer, email, and phone calls, though texts and Zoom are occasionally used.

You can consider me your go-to gal for our time together.

Some have even called me the best kind of BFF - the one who is always there for them, for any issue, without the concern of having to reciprocate. (Though, trust me - I’ll always regale you with the hilarious stories of my life, if you’d like to hear them.)

And this is made possible because I only work with 5 individuals at a time, which allows me to truly be present for each client, as they desire.

Our Theme Will Be...

Learning. Love. Laughter.

I'm an education and learning junkie, so even if you're not, you're going to have the perk of your own personal guide's thirst for knowledge.  That being said, all my clients find that establishing their own learning patterns is a key to success for them.

If only the world operated from a place of love, right?  Well, that starts with how we show up for ourselves and for those we are closest to, and you can rest assured that all of our work together will be done in a space and place of love. 

And, most importantly, we’re going to have a lot of fun!  Fun is my #1 top value.  I love wit, hilarity, and snark.  So, get ready to laugh and have a blast... oh, and working with me guarantees you the firsthand experience of the infamous Raechel snort!

Ready To Do This?!

So, if after you've read this, you think working with me in this unique format is something you'd like to sincerely explore, then I invite you to click on the link below, which will take you to a form.

That form will give me some more information about you and how you think that I can support you.  That form will only be seen by me, so rest assured all of your words will be kept sacred.

After you complete the form, you can expect to hear from me within two business days to confirm I got it, and then we'll set up the next steps, which will allow me some time to review your form. 

The next steps would be to get on the phone for a chat, once I have had a chance to review it.  I'll give you the time frame in my original email to you.

Keep in mind that I do only work with five people at a time.  Because my clients have pretty much an all-access pass to me during their time with me, I do often have a wait list.  I will let you know my availability when I confirm that I got your form, so you're not left wondering what the possibilities are.

Whether we work together or not, I'm grateful you stopped by!