If you’re branding or re-branding, having a core brand message is imperative.

The brand message is the main idea and narrative behind your brand… the first thing that you want to pop into your client’s head when they think of your brand.

The iconic “Just do it” brand message of Nike is a perfect example.

It’s imperative to have a message to give your brand identity consistency.

I’m of the opinion that a Brand Concept is just as important!!


The Brand Concept is a 2-3 word, simple concept that sits right at the heart of your business.

It provides a level of clarity that allows you to harness your brand and focus yourself, your company, and anyone working with you on your business, on what sets you apart from the others.

In the case of Nike, a perfect Brand Concept might be “No-Excuse Action.”

See how simple it is for that concept to be carried throughout their entire brand - all the images, products, names, ambassadors, colors, fonts, and more embody quick, efficient no-excuse action. I’d take a gamble and say the company operates with the m.o.

I’ve put together a fantastic resource to help you create BOTH your core brand message AND your Brand Concept!

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