If you're considering launching a new brand or doing a re-brand, have I got an amazing resource for you!!  

Listen, branding is one of those things that is often shoved to the side or ignored or done last IF there are resources left... maybe even considered unnecessary. 

I totally call total B.S. on that!  

Not only do I think branding is necessary and important, but it can be so helpful and actually save you TONS OF MONEY!!  And time... and aggravation... and delays... and waste - and... well, you get it.  

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Basically, branding is important.  

It's also a lot of work!  

In my "former life" as I call it... i.e., in my early career-life, I was a wedding planner.  I think the branding process is definitely on par with coordinating a wedding!

So, I'd love to help you with a broad overview to ensure you get your brand or re-brand ready to go and launched in an organized, prepared, and exciting way!

In that spirit, I've prepared a super awesome BRAND LAUNCH CHECKLIST that covers all the major points!  

Once you've checked all the boxes, you'll know you're ready to go and can feel completely confident you've got a brand that's ready to LAUNCH!

Download it FREE here:


    If, after you read it, you have questions, reach out!  Happy to help!  This TRULY is my passion.

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