Yes… You can make a difference and have an impact.

Yes… You can do that while CARING & providing for yourself and your loved ones.

Yes… You can fall in love with your life and everything in it!


And it all starts with a simple choice.


Hi, I’m Raechel!

And I believe we each have a unique Divine purpose that we’re meant to fulfill.  

We’re all put on this planet for a reason - and no one was created by accident.  

Yes, even you… ESPECIALLY you.

I also believe that it’s when we’re fulfilling our purpose, that we’re able to receive the Divine blessings that allow us to care for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world around us.

It’s those blessings that give us strength and allow us to heal and cope, and, even more so, be at peace with, and have an appreciation for our life experiences and circumstances.


So that choice I mentioned…

It’s simple - not always easy - but definitely simple.  

At any given moment, you have the choice to step into that Divine purpose.  

You can make a choice to uncover that purpose, own that purpose, and live that purpose.

It doesn’t matter how much of your life has passed.  There’s no expiration date on God’s purpose for your life.

“But, Raechel…


"But, Raechel...

Raechel, you just don’t get it… I don’t know if now is the right time for me to live my Divine purpose now because <insert life challenge here>.”

I get that.  I know what it’s like to be tired… to be burnt out… to be sick… to be financially challenged… to not know what you need to know… to be in pain… to be grieving… to feel alone… to be exhausted and beat up by life… to feel powerless… to feel too old to do something… to feel hopeless.  

And I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard all the reasons why people can’t or shouldn’t focus on uncovering or living their unique purpose.

And, here’s my response:

You can’t afford to NOT uncover, own, and live your Divine purpose.  Because it’s not until you’re living your purpose that you’ll be able to experience the blessings available to you.

The pieces of your life will not come together... you’ll not experience true harmony and peace, until you’ve begun doing what you’re meant to be doing.

And that’s why I do what I do… that’s my Divine purpose.


The work I do…

… it’s all about peeling back the layers of “stuff” that you’ve accumulated from your life experiences, so that you have no excuse but to uncover and live your Divine purpose.

And then, I help you do that!

I know my Divine gifts and I leverage them to help others learn theirs.

I use my gifts of empathy, intuition, brilliance, and humor, and combine those with a ton of real-world experience and education, to help my clients...

Connect with their uniqueness

Understand their Divine gifts

Uncover their Divine purpose

Describe their ideal future

Design the next phase of their life

Create a new vibrant, aligned life approach that integrates all of that

Thrive while executing on that approach


And, I do that in a very unique way!

Working with me is an experience unlike any other out there, right now.  I created this method after years of working with people just like you... learning what they truly want and need to get out there and create the life they love.


Learn more about that here: Work with Raechel


Hang out for one more min!

I’m so glad you landed on my page today, and I hope that we can remain connected!


One of my favorite monthly activities could include you, if you'd like it!

Every month, I look forward to doing a completely FREE (no-sell) session with someone!  Just the two of us tackling an issue or two, having some laughs, and getting you reset and excited about life.

That person is selected through a drawing.  Anyone who would like some support, mentoring, coaching, or just some sparkly ass-kicking can enter the drawing.  If you’re selected, I’ll drop you an email and we set up a day and time!


I also drop emails to my peeps!  

That’s my favorite way to connect.  It eliminates the noise of social media and allows you to read the message when it's convenient for you, rather than when it crosses your news feed.

So, if you’d like a little snark & support in your inbox, share your email with me - I promise not to abuse it.  Annoying amounts of emails are one of my pet peeves!


If there’s one thing I’d love for you to take away from my site today, it’s this…



Living a life you absolutely love all comes down to a simple choice -

a choice to live your Divine purpose.