How I Got Here 

People often want to know my long life story, so here it is… If you want the official stuff, keep on scrolling!

My four-decade life path has unmistakably revealed my purpose: Helping people get clear about who they are, celebrate their uniqueness, find their purpose & passion in life, and start living their Divine purpose, so they can create a life they LOVE!

Over the course of my life, from childhood to present day, I’ve been gifted with opportunity after opportunity to show up, unapologetically, as myself.  The inclination to “be me” and the ability to showcase my authenticity and uniqueness has always flowed naturally - though I have certainly gotten in my own way, a time or two, or eleven, or eighty-nine, or… you get it.

I’ve known since I was a child that I’m meant to serve.  The means of service has changed a lot over time. But what has always been the case is that I’m here to inspire others to thrive while being true to who they are and what they’re meant to be doing.  

As I’ve stepped into that role and worked with people in a variety of different ways, I’ve become clear about that these things that come naturally to me are truly gifts from God.  Gifts that I want to share.

I know that the innate ability to know myself and be myself is simply a blessing that I’ve received, so that I can help others do the same for themselves.  And, by doing that, I’m fulfilling part of my Divine purpose.

As a child and teen, helping family, organizing events, and planning celebrations were the outward manifestations of my desire to honor individuality, serve my loved ones, and enjoy playtime and fun.

In early adulthood, the awareness of injustice and the introduction to some of the world’s harsher realities, combined with studies in theology and philosophy, pointed me in the direction of advocation, and I headed to law school.

And then it gets interesting for a few years… While I navigated a variety of different life experiences that both challenged me and empowered me, I learned to stop apologizing for who I am and start embracing the God-given ability to boldly, self-express.

I also began to understand my empathic nature and realized that the combination of these Divine gifts was a natural fit, which charted the course for the next steps of my journey.

When I began to honor these innate blessings, I realized my path of service would be helping others discover who they are, what is unique about them, what their passions are, and why they’re here - their Divine purpose!

As I began doing those things, while also being 100% true to who I am, I found that deep, satisfying knowing that I am where I am meant to be, and this is what I’m meant to do.

In 2009, I started my first coaching company, The Sparkling Bride.  Born out of the pain that came from my own disastrous wedding experience (a result of not honoring who I was), it became my passion and my company’s mission to support and serve clients with authenticity, empathy, and humor, while ensuring that brides are bold, confident, and equipped with all the tools they need to have the wedding that most honors them and their dreams.

A few years after The Sparkling Bride exploded with amazing clients and opportunities, I was very clearly called to serve another set of people: high conscious individuals, including coaches and other entrepreneurs, who were struggling to connect who they were to what they were doing.  As I used my unique set of coaching skills and finely tuned snark and humor to support them, they began to authentically and boldly share themselves with the world.