raechel’s recommended start-up resources

If you’re just starting your biz, there’s no need to invest thousands and thousands of dollars in start-up systems, programs, and vendors!

I put together some recommended resources for 2018 that are simple, inexpensive, and will help you get off the ground without wasting anymore time and money!


Disclaimer - these are things that worked for me, after research and trial & error. They may not be perfect for you.

The nice thing is that most of them are inexpensive enough that you can probably afford to give it a whirl and fail fast and inexpensively if it’s not for you! Just make sure it’s fast!

If you like to research items, put a timer on yourself and don’t go too far down the rabbit hole or you’ll end up in a quagmire of inefficiency… and then I’ve done this for no reason! ;-(

Check out my blog post on The Only 3 Things You Really Need to Start a Business for some awesome info on what you really need, and another great resource for those of you who are planning on a full on business & branding launch!



    If, after you read it, you have questions, reach out!  Happy to help!  This TRULY is my passion.

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